We are the specialists for closure systems.

temtec - Die Spezialisten für Verschluss-Systeme.

We have been specializing in the development of alternative closure systems for the automotive industry since 1985.

The first closures we designed for gasoline- and diesel fueling systems are by now being installed by several manufacturers in their series productions. With the constant technological advancement in vehicles and the development of new propulsion energy sources, requirements have also continued to rise. We have acted upon this challenge:

The new temtec closure systems, with their innovative design, fit all fueling- and charging systems in vehicles and power charging stations all over the world.

In addition these patented closure systems offer a multitude of versions, while still remaining economical in production. The inward-pivoting hinged closure cover can be integrated in any design version. You can rely on our many years of experience, and in the process benefit three-fold:

1)    You save yourself your own development work.

2)    You save lots of time and money.

3)    You gain technological advantage over your competitors.

Upon request we will also provide you with technical assistance all the way to the start of production.

An overview of our product developments

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