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3) General connector locking

Development                                                                                                            P5 
3) General connector locking
Benefits design Co. temtec

  • Actuating force> 90 N (functional protection).
  • Mechanical self-locking in the end positions (manipulation protection).
  • Metal gears (robustness, compactness).
  • Materials for current-carrying components with fire protection agents (safety).
  • End position detection with Hall sensor (reliability, compactness).
  • Can be used for type 1, type 2, GB standard, CCS 1 and CCS 2 charging sockets (scale effect).
  • Same part concept for longitudinal and transverse locking (costs).



The Micro-Actuator designed by us was developed specifically for the requirements of E-mobility. It owes its unique compactness to the patented drive concept that has a whole number of additional advantages. It is also watertight (IP 69) and tamper-resistant, thereby making its functionality especially reliable.

It was conceptualized in two different versions: one with lateral- and one with longitudinal interlocking. Result: This actuator sets new benchmarks in compactness, technology and cost effectiveness.

Micro Actuator: